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Henrietta Ford's Outer Banks Mystery

  ISBN 1-4241-3274-6



This is the second edition of my very popular novel, Murder on the OBX.  The cover and format are changed, but the story is as riveting as ever.  A real page turner. 
Travis White and Sam Barnett, Alcohol Beverage Control Officers, finally embark on a much-needed fishing vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  However, their vacation is interrupted in the predawn hours when Travis and Sam are summonsed to the beach to view a gruesome murder scene.  The victim is identified as an old nemesis, Maynard Drane, a local bootlegger.  Now they are forced to lay down their rods and reels and pick up their guns and badges. 
Sam and Travis are recruited to assist local law enforcement officers Shucks Twine and Nona Godette in the investigation of the murder.  Shucks' intricate knowledge of the islands proves crucial to the investigation.  And Nona... seductive, enticing Nona...brings her own attributes to the case.
Then without warning, the FBI, INS, and ATF sweep in and threaten to snatch the case right out of the hands of the North Carolina officers.  A turf war ensues.  When the battle cools, federal and local officers pool their information and are shocked to discover that crimes far more sinister than the murder of a local bootlegger have occurred.