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   Henrietta Ford is a Southern mystery writer.  Her stories are a combination of suspense, deception, and betrayal flavored with just a "pinch" of humor.  The readers will surely be entertained by her Southern mysteries with a twist.

   Southern settings are especially appealing to mystery writers.  Perhaps it's the haunting ambiance created by misty swamps and lush green forests, or the allure of stately mansions battling the assault of time.  Or perhaps it's the sadness one experiences when he watches a way of life disappear as downed trees, tract developments, and strip malls threaten to change the very essence of a once quiet, peaceful lifestyle.  Regardless, mystery writers have long chosen locations from the Mississippi River to the Smoky Mountains to the Outer Banks of North Carolina as settings for their stories of mystery and suspense.

   Although works of fiction, Henrietta Ford sprinkles interesting historical tidbits throughout her books.  In all instances, however, there is a mystery waiting to be solved, and the reader becomes a part of the investigative team.